Tomorrow Edition Extracts

When our JPD blog contributor Benjamin Stecher was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, it sparked a curiosity in him for the future of humanity, as well as a belief that we are progressing towards a more enlightened and hospitable tomorrow. That spark became the impetus for starting his website Tomorrow Edition, his attempt to spread understanding about what the future may hold in store. On his website, he covers topics from artificial intelligence to neuroscience. In this section of the JPD blog, we will post intermittent updates with extracts from Tomorrow Edition that are of interest to the PD research and patient communities. If you have any comments, please post them beneath the blog posts, or contact us at:



Interview with Neurodegeneration Specialist Prof. Patrik Brundin

Originally published on Tomorrow Edition on January 16, 2018

Discussion between neurodegeneration specialist Prof. Patrik Brundin (interviewee) and Benjamin Stecher (interviewer).