Pre-Print, Proofs and Reprints

Pre-Press and Proofs
Proofs are prepared by our typesetters, Thomson Digital, and will be sent to the authors a few weeks after acceptance (typically 2-3 weeks). The corrected proofs will be placed in our online contents and indexed in PubMed as "Epub ahead of print" articles after corrections are received from the authors. The pre-press article is fully citable by using the DOI number. This is not the final version. When the article is published in an issue, the final, updated version replaces the pre-press version.

The corresponding author will receive a PDF of the proofs and is asked to check the proofs carefully (the publisher will execute a cursory check only). Corrections other than printer's errors, however, should be avoided. Costs arising from such corrections will be charged to the authors. Please be sure to return your corrections as quickly as possible.

Important Note: Any changes to authors or title after acceptance should also be sent to the editorial office ( so our records can be updated. After acceptance, any additions or deletions to the list of authors MUST be approved by the Editor-in-Chief, and all authors on the manuscript must also sign off on the changes.

Reprints and other orders
The corresponding author of a contribution to the journal receives a complimentary pdf of their published article. The pdf is automatically sent to the corresponding author after the article is published in an issue. The link to the article can be freely shared, as well as the PDF of articles published with a CC BY-4.0 license. Articles published under a CC BY-NC license cannot be shared commercially without permission, which must be granted by the publisher (

Print orders
Free print copies of an issue will not be provided for conference proceedings and abstract issues unless agreed upon in advance.

The possibility to place orders for reprints, additional journal copies, or print color figures can be done through an order form to which the corresponding author will be provided a link in the decision letter. If you wish to order reprints of an earlier published article, please contact the publisher for a quotation. IOS Press Email:

An author is entitled to 25% discount on IOS Press books. See Author's Discount (25%) on all IOS Press book publications.