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PD 20 Years from Now – A new open access special issue of JPD (Vol.8, Iss.s1) is available that addresses where Parkinson's research & treatment will be 20 years from now. Read 19 exciting papers written by experts here

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Hosted by JPD, Parkinson's Movement and CPT, the webinar took place on December 5, 2018. Click on the image to view the recording on the IOS Press YouTube channel! Read more about this webinar series here

Key breakthroughs that shaped PD research over the last 200 years are covered in this open access special supplement of JPD. All the content is freely available by clicking the image on the right or visiting the following link: JPD 7:s1

This open access review article by Deng et al. summarizes current genetic and functional reports about the TMEM230 gene and focus on its relation with PD. Published in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 8:4, 2018.

This open access paper by Riggare and Hägglund explores patient-initiated self-tracking in PD (finger tapping using a smartphone) and discusses it in the context of precision medicine. Published in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 8:3, 2018.

Research covering the effect of antidepressants on altered cortico-limbic network connectivity in parkinsonian depression is featured in this paper by Morgan et al. in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 8:3, 2018.

Research on prodromal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD), including olfactory impairment and RBD, helps dissect disease etiology in this open access review by Honglei Chen in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 8:1, 2018.

Exosome signaling in Parkinson’s disease pathobiology. Exosomes generated within the multivesicular bodies of the endosomal-lysosomal pathway are the focus of this review by Georg K. Tofaris, openly available in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 7:4, 2017.

Voxelwise DTI analysis of PD patients compared to healthy controls. Olfactory Impairment in Parkinson’s Disease Studied with Diffusion Tensor and Magnetization Transfer Imaging by Georgiopoulosa et al., J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 7:2, 2017.

Mutations in the VPS35 gene encoding a core component of the retromer complex, have recently emerged as a new cause of late-onset, autosomal dominant familial Parkinson’s disease. This review provides a critical discussion of the emerging data: Williams et al., J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 7:2, 2017.

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