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Our next webinar will be on March 6, 2019 covering the topic of sleep and Parkinson's disease. The host will be JPD's EIC Patrik Brundin and panellists will include Michele Hu, Soania Mathur and Aleksandar Videnovic. To register click on the visual or for more details go here

This open access review article by Merchant et al. looks at drugs targeting alpha-synuclein. The visual is adapted from the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Model of WHO. Published in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 9:1, 2019.

This open access review article by Nutt and Bohnen looks at non-dopaminergic therapies for PD. Published in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 8:s1, 2018.

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PD 20 Years from Now – A new open access special issue of JPD (Vol.8, Iss.s1) is available that addresses where Parkinson's research & treatment will be 20 years from now. Read 19 exciting papers written by experts here

Key breakthroughs that shaped PD research over the last 200 years are covered in this open access special supplement of JPD. All the content is freely available by clicking the image on the right or visiting the following link: JPD 7:s1

This open access review article by Deng et al. summarizes current genetic and functional reports about the TMEM230 gene and focus on its relation with PD. Published in: J. Parkinsons Dis., Vol 8:4, 2018.

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It is hard to keep up with all of the organizations currently funding Parkinson's disease research around the globe. For this reason, JPD is investigating ways to offer its community data on Parkinson's disease funding.

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