Launch of Clinical Trial Highlights in JPD

8 February 2019

We are pleased to announce, as of the first issue of JPD Volume 9 (2019), a new section dedicated to Clinical Trials Highlights.

The objective of Clinical Trial Highlights is to raise awareness of the clinical trial landscape in Parkinson’s, promoting discussion and progress in the conduct and outcome of studies. It will be a resource centre for academics, medics, industry and PwP, particularly those wanting to participate in clinical trials. Ongoing and completed trials in specific areas will be reviewed. Other resources will be available online, including a new, dedicated section of the JPD website (see here), with links to, etc. Phase 3 studies need particular attention as they are the closest to market, so each edition of Clinical Trial Highlights will have a Phase 3 Focus, selecting one study for analysis.

This new section of the journal is co-edited by Kevin McFarthing (Parkinson's Advocate, Oxford, UK) and Tanya Simui (Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center, Chicago, USA). Kevin comments in his editorial about the launch: "Welcome to a JPD rarity – an editorial written by a Person with Parkinson’s (PwP). I’m a biochemist and even though I don’t actively work in science now, a scientist is always a scientist; and a PwP never stops being a PwP – yet. I also compile the Hope List, a comprehensive database of Parkinson’s therapies in development, from research phase through to Phase 3."

He continues, "I’m delighted to be the joint editor, together with Prof. Tanya Simuni of Northwestern University, of the new Clinical Trials Highlights section of JPD. As a PwP, I applaud the editors for inviting me to be a section editor, recognising the pivotal role played by PwP in trials as well as acknowledging the work done to advocate for faster, more targeted and effective trial outcomes...We want Clinical Trial Highlights to be the primary destination for anybody with a vested interest in the success of trials in Parkinson’s." Read the full editorial here, and view all the available content by clicking the image below.