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JPD celebrates key breakthroughs that shaped PD research over the last 200 years: From the shaking palsy to alpha-synuclein, the stories behind the science from many of the researchers who played key roles in achieving significant milestones are published freely available in JPD 7: Supplement 1.

Diagram describing the Internet of Things (IoT) framework for home-based monitoring of PD using wearable sensors. Hasan et al., Technologies Assessing Limb Bradykinesia in Parkinson’s Disease


j parkinsons dis, Volume 7:1, 2017, pp 65-77

Closed, inactive conformation of full-length human Parkin. The structure is shown in colored ribbons that correspond to the respective domain colors. Truban et al, PINK1, Parkin, and Mitochondrial Quality Control

j parkinsons dis, volume 7:1,

2017, pp 13-29.

Keep up with funding for Parkinson's Disease research around the globe with the Parkinson's Disease Funding Analyzer (PDFA). The PDFA showcases funding distribution from 40 countries and allows line-of-investigation queries to look for trends and investigators.

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It is hard to keep up with all of the organizations currently funding Parkinson's Disease research around the globe. For this reason, JPD has decided to offer its community the Parkinson's Disease Funding Analyzer (PDFA). One hundred and fourteen funders from forty countries are represented including all of the European Union, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Qatar, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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