Publication Fee / Open Access Option

IMPORTANT NOTICE: From 2023 onwards the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease will be an open access publication. All papers submitted after November 1, 2022 will be published in final form in the 2023 Volume, and will be obliged to pay the Article Publishing Charge (APC) of US$2000/EUR2000. The publication fee is not applicable any more, except for papers which were submitted under a different agreement, before November 1, 2022.


Publication Fee

Papers submitted for publication to the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease up to November 1, 2022, are subject to a publication charge. The publication fee for the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease is currently US$600/€530 (excl. VAT if applicable), and is applied to Research Report, Review, Hypothesis or Short Communication/Case Report articles.

When an article is accepted for publication in the journal, the acceptance letter to the corresponding author will include a link to the journal’s online payment form. Authors can pay the fee by credit card or through bank transfer. After payment of the publication fee, the paper will be taken into production by the IOS Press production office. Payment of the publication fee must be received before an article is published in the journal. Paid fees are not restituted if an article is withdrawn or retracted after acceptance.

APC Waiver Policy

Corresponding authors from countries with low-income economies (as defined by the HINARI Project) are eligible for a waiver of the publication fee. Fees are waived on a case-by-case basis. The corresponding author should notify the journal of their inability to pay the publication fee upon submission of the article by stating their case to Invited articles are excluded from paying a publication fee. 

Open Access Option for papers submitted before November 1, 2022

The Journal of Parkinson’s Disease offers authors the option to make their article freely available on the Publisher's website. For an additional charge of US$1450/€1250, your article (including pre-publication) will be freely accessible within 3 days of receipt of agreement.

To order the open access option the corresponding author can follow the link in the decision letter to the online order form.

It is possible to make your article open access at a later stage, even after the final publication. In this case, please contact to make the arrangement and be sure to include the article reference number in your message. The price remains the same.

 More information on open access mandates (NIH/RCUK/Wellcome Trust) are available here.

Open Access publishing charge for papers submitted from November 1, 2022

The Journal of Parkinson’s Disease transitions to a full open access journal for its 2023 volume and onwards. Accepted authors are required to pay the Article Publishing Charge (APC) of US$2000/EUR2000, after which the article will be published under a CC-BY-NC open access licence. Authors will have the option of purchasing the CC-BY copyright license (as required by certain funding agencies) for a surcharge. For more information on these open access licenses, see

Institutional Agreements for Open Access

JPD's publisher IOS Press is setting up agreements to support the open access publishing of research in its journals. These agreements can cover a discount or waiver of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for corresponding authors from affiliated institutions who wish to publish open access in IOS Press’ hybrid and fully open access journals. To check if you are eligible to publish under these models, please see the information in the IOS Press Open Library, where the current (and any future) agreements are listed.