Jon Palfreman's new book: Brain Storms: The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease

21 October 2015

Announcing JPD's Media Editor Jon Palfreman's new book

The Journal of Parkinson’s Disease is proud to announce the publication of Media Editor Jon Palfreman’s newest book: “Brain Storms: The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease”, a  long-overdue, riveting detective story of the race to stop or reverse neurodegenerative conditions like Parkinson's diseae, and a passionate, insightful account into the lives of those affected. 

In Brain Storms  Jon chronicles how scientists have labored to crack the mystery of what was once called "the shaking palsy," from the earliest clinical descriptions to the cutting edge of molecular neuroscience, while at the same time including a profoundly personal investigation into his own struggles and those of others living with Parkinson's.

Brain Storms was officially published on September 15 to great cricital acclaim. Jon Palfreman has done numerous radio interviews to share both his experiences and his new book, including for Science Friday, the Michael J. Fox Foundation podcast , Oregon Public Radio, “Think Out Loud”, KERA (Dallas public radio) "Think", and he has also written op eds for The Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph.



Below a highlight of the reviews this book has received:


"Well written and poignant . . . Mr. Palfreman has written a clear, compelling account of this important disease . . . The reader will appreciate his courage in looking death in the face and candidly assessing the situation of himself and others caught in the grasp of this complex malady."

Nicholas Wade, The Wall Street Journal  


“[A] lucid overview . . . . Extraordinary case studies abound.” —Nature


“[A] story that unfolds like a confounding mystery, replete with missteps, promising leads, red herrings and amazing discoveries . . . [Palfreman] has a gift of explaining complex molecular processes in clear, understandable terms. What is ultimately appealing is the 'just-around the-corner' prospect of solving this mystery—making you marvel at what is possible.” —The Seattle Times


“The best and clearest book I've encountered on the current state of knowledge about Parkinson's Disease . . . [Palfreman is] a master storyteller and fluent writer with a great eye for revealing stories and details.” —The Tampa Tribune


“Award-winning journalist Palfreman's fast-paced, captivating, and crisp narrative of patients, doctors, and researchers is part scientific investigation, part medical detective story, and part memoir, and it opens wide a window into the world of Parkinson's.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)


“[A] well-researched history and overview of the current state of research. Palfreman brings his skill as a science writer and a deep personal commitment to . . . this illuminating book.” —Kirkus Reviews


“Perhaps there is no one better suited to putting a story of medical and scientific research into context than award-winning journalist Palfreman . . . The information is clear, careful, dotted with the personal experiences of Palfreman . . . and hopeful.” —Booklist


You can order Brain Storms here.

 Jon Palfreman previously co-wrote the book “The Case of the Frozen Addicts: How the Solution of a Medical Mystery Revolutionized the Understanding of Parkinson's Disease, with JPD’s Editor in Chief J. William Langston. This book can be ordered here.